Kamis, 14 Mei 2009

Britney News

Like all the Britney single in this album, you know like on the right? So, I will only review 3 new songs .. aja First single "My prerogative" I tembang old is Bobby Brown, is certainly the right time, I ampir 8 weeks there was a song in the chart, and it seems less successful single evidence Greatest Hits album sales Britney is not this a jawara in the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, the album 4 all jawara always so in the first week, and Britney holds the record satu2nya Female Artist 4 album you always so jawara!
OK, both the single "Do Something", this track seems that Britney is a bit spoiled, even though the song itself nge-dance kayak Toxic, Britney, but too many experimental-ber, to a lot of fansnya do not know the kind of single2 Lucky, Baby one more time .. I like to hear more potential. Moreover, the sale of the album "In the zone" I lagu2nya enough nyentrik, simply failed dipasaran. (Pdhl sold millions of copies in a matter, but Britney kayak for MegaStar, the sale is less)
And, third Anyar single "(I've Just Begun) Having My Fun", similar to the ama "hella Good"-No Doubt it, still the song inget kan? There are a mixture of reggae-rock-alt, the same basic ampir deh!
Single2 emang udah dialbum this should in masukkin to album Greatest Hitsnya, cuman have little scotch, single "Outrageous" I never released, I dimasukin? Cover and CD out of its good, so I get to make 'ngelirik', pdhl album artwork for the promo have fun .. liat aja tuh above.

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